World Environmental Day (WED) 2014 Celebration

This year’s World Environment Day with the theme (SIDS) was celebrated in a special way.
Our core message for this year celebration is centered on climatic change the major threat of our environment. And our targets are the children (teenagers).
The aim of this year celebration is to enlighten the teenagers on the need to pay more attention on the environment. We believe that teenagers are the leaders of tomorrow and if we most save planet earth, then there is need for us to get them involve. Also, it is known that the heart of a child is tender and ever willing to learn so if properly guided on the issue surrounding environment, most of the challenges we are faced with will be a thing of the past in future.
It is in line with these that we decided in this year WED to engaged five student each form six secondary schools in a pet project that ranges from Environmental awareness, Setting of Gardens, Environmental friendly product research and finally Quiz Competition. These six schools are;
1) Redeemer’s International Secondary Schools
2) Malvan International School
3) Dietams International School
4) Obiye Academy
5) Emarid College
6) Sure Foundation School.
The pet project actually took them six months of active work and commitment. On our tour for supervision of the pet project, we were amazed at the level of creativity, commitment and outcome of the project.
On the 3rd of June being the climax of the whole event the students were full of excitement ready to share their experience with fellow mates from other schools. The programme out line for that day was;
1) A presentation on climatic change by ACEP
2) A talk on need for sanitation by RIWAMA
3) Quiz competition
4) Pet project presentation by students
5) Award Presentation to the three best performing schools.
The whole event was colorful and one to be always remembered of.

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