Tex-exchange Program in Tanzania

A 5 days conference in Tanzania packed with information and trainings on the use of ICTs to enhance CSO Organizational performance, using ICT Software for data collection and analysis and using ICT to promote healthy citizen-state relations. There were presentations, interactive sessions, group work and plans developed for next steps.


The project has the overall goal of: enhancing civil society leaders’ capacity to influence government policy agendas.



1.      Some Government Champions from the three countries

2.      The 3 Country NGO/CSO’s

3.      SFCG Staff and Reps

4.      USAID Reps

5.      Other Presenters

6.      Belgium Ambassador

7.      Etc.


Activity Highlights:


–          Day 1 – Introduction and Relationship Building

All participants were welcome and apologies to Nigeria Team that arrived at about 3:45am Tanzania Time to meet up with the 8:30am program of the day. The SFCG Country director gave her introductory remark, as the Anchor person, Agapiti of the SFCG Tanzania outlined the goals and expectations of the participants as well the logistics arrangement.

The meeting went on with the Play role exercise on Conflict resolution around Governance Issues, Using strategic communications for Policy Advocacy, Key Challenges/Engaging on Policy Advocacy – Key Challenges and Best Practices.


–          Day 2 – Experience Sharing
The various NGO’s made presentation of their various intervention activities and 4 (Tanzania – 1, Kenya – 2, Nigeria – 1) winners emerged among the 10 reps from Nigeria, 14 reps from Tanzania, 11 reps from Kenya.



–          Day 3 – Open Door Visits to Innovative Government/CSO Stakeholders

The participants were taken to Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC) – Mbezi, where we were briefed on the role of the LHRC in the just concluded 2015 Tanzania Elections, and other human Rights Issues. As well various questions and answer were raised and given on issues concerning human rights, good governance, law and administration of justices in Tanzania and Africa



–          Day 4 – Thematic Discussions on Governance Issues

There were Panel discussions on Natural Resources Management and Land Reforms – Kenya, Tanzania and Nigeria had issues on these as it varies – Nigeria are looking at the Resource Control, Degradation of the Land by Oil companies, Fulani Herdsmen, Women apathy on land issues in the North and the Likes, while Tanzania women resort to buying land to have access to ownership of land since they don’t have right in ownership of lands and Kenya has similar case too as a bill is on the floor of the Legislative assembly for reform.



–          Day 5 – Project Sharing and Reflection

We had a reflection workshop that brought the program to an end: Here, the 3 countries identified the usefulness of all the workshops prior to the texchange in Tanzania and challenges as well proffer certain solutions to a smother engagement with the communities and government. In all it was observed that working with the Government Representatives was one of the best things ever done- here the CSO and the Government has a common ground in approaching issues that concerns governance to the benefit of the people.


The Major Challenges were:

  1. Communication hitch.
  2. Logistics arrangement


Lessons Learned:

  • Effective Stakeholders Engagement Strategy learnt
  • Intervention was made easier with the aid of the Ministry of LG to engage the Community Chief’s, Youths, etc.
  • Community Stakeholders, CSO’s and Government collaborations strategy learnt
  • Community Led Identification of associated problems and possible strategy of solving the problems.

Government wiliness to partake in the policy implementation for Good Governance.


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