Acep Eco Club

About ACEP Eco Club

ACEP Eco Club is for everyone who is passionate about the environment; it is for the young and old. This vision started in 2008 with PEC-Primary Environmental Care and by 2010, we had reached about 100 schools across Rivers State with a total of about 3000 students.

In 2009, we started the Conservation Clubs in Secondary Schools and this has been responsible for environmental projects in the schools. By 2013, ACEP Annual Environmental Quiz and celebration of World Environment Day commenced and Project “Plant a Million Trees by 2020”. ACEP has been involved in awareness campaigns to promote tree planting and only about eight hundred trees have been planted.

In 2015, we started a program YOUTH – LEAP, which  involves graduates and students in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. This is a five year Program and our Key performance indicator for the success of this Program is a million Trees by 2020 and a Large number of sustainable Agricultural Businesses.







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  1. Networking platform for individuals with a passion for environment sustainability. Sharing of ideas and opportunities in the environmental sector.
  2. To be a voice to make a difference in the environment in Nigeria, Africa and the World.
  3. Opportunity to actively participate in awareness campaigns organized by the Club.
  4. Students and youths to participate in the program YOUTH – LEAP.
  5. Students and youths will have opportunity to do internship program with the NGO – African Centre for Environmental Protection and participate in local, national and international study tours.



Why partner with us?

Our projects and programmes clearly define our persona and drive. this includes the need to strike a balance between man’s quest for civilization and nature itself (our Environment). Hence, we seek that you partner with us in our Environmental actions. We currently have some ongoing projects;

  • Project Plant a million trees 2020
  • Youth LEAP
  • Environmental Awareness Programme in Schools centred on Climate Change . Inauguration/setting up of ACEP Eco Club.
  • Environmental Study Tour

Become our partner

Our partners are categorized into three: the Gold, Silver and Bronze partners and various benefits are attached within these categories.