About Us

Who we are

African Centre for Environmental Protection (ACEP) is a not- for-profit Non-Governmental Organization based in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria , a country on the coast of West Africa.  ACEP is committed to the protection of our precious environment and the promotion of sustainable development. ACEP’s focus is to safeguard our social, economic and physical environment to ensure the appropriate use and management of our natural resources.

Our Vision

“To see strong sustainable partnerships between communities, government and the private sector that will improve the  environmental  and  socio-economic condition of every man, woman and child through effective use and management of their natural resources”

Our Mission

To empower institutions, individuals and communities towards achieving sustainable development and environmental protection.

ACEP is achieving this by:

Promoting sustainable community institutions for sustainable development and environmental protection.

Promoting local participation of community institutions through dialogue with critical groups to help communities take decentralized initiatives towards sustainable development in areas of environmental conservation and protection.

Education on good environmental stewardship as a tool for sustainable development.

Core Values & Guiding Principles

Our message crystallizes our philosophy. Excellence, truth, honesty, openness, innovation, commitment, dedication,dynamism, empowerment, education and sustainability are the guiding principles which drive our activities.

Our culture is to connect with and facilitate local people, institutions and stakeholders to operate on the principles of local and international best practices in the area of sustainable community development and environmental protection.

We have no course to work outside of the principles of local and international best practices in the areas of sustainable community development and environmental protection. Local people are the center of our activities and it is our guiding principle to ensure that they actively participate in all programme implementation to own the process for their good and in this way, they sustain it.


ACEP operates on the principles of local and international best practices, which is guided by the core values of environmental sustainability, people involvement and participation; gender equality and community ownership in order to achieve desired goals and objectives. ACEP adopts a democratic setting that ensures wider representation of interests and consist of institutions whose capacity has been built to implement and manage their own intervention programmes in environmentally friendly manners.


Our programme implementation structure allows a wide representation of constituent communities and institutions. It allows decision-making to be participatory and inclusive in nature while responsibility is shared collectively. ACEP supports and encourages transparent and accountable leadership as well as empowering the grass root people to take action that influence their lives and the environment.

From the point of in-house team planning and review sessions to developing programme implementation strategies, our approached is geared towards team work.


Communities or institutions make equity contributions towards the execution of any community-led programmes which assures sustainability.